Seeing The Lord’s Miracles

It is amazing how many times we see miracles from the Lord! His timing is always perfect. We are constantly reminded that the Lord has a plan and in time the next steps in his plan will be made clear to us. So we don’t need to waste time worrying. Thank you, Lord.

Below are some miracles that we experienced in the last week.
– Literally the exact day we are scheduled to fly to Boston Children’s Hospital, I qualify for a Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) which means my position at Bank of America will be protected for 12 weeks with continuation of group health insurance coverage. Such a blessing to not worry about my job security & health coverage for Lucas.
– Last week, Dr. Russell (the doctor who performed the 1st four pediatric fecal microbiota transplants (FMT) in the US) moved to Boston Children’s Hospital and he just agreed to perform Lucas’ FMT. Now, we no longer need to make a separate trip to MN. Most importantly, Dr. Russell plans to add on the FMT to another surgery that we already have scheduled at Boston Children’s Hospital. So one less anesthesia incident for Lucas.

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