36th Birthday

Thanks for all of the Birthday emails, posts, and calls! This 36th birthday is unique. I feel like this year will be a positive turning point in Lucas life. Next week, we will go to Boston Children’s Hospital and Lucas will come back to AZ with a larger esophagus. Soon he can start to eat like a normal 14 month old. Praise the Lord for all of our blessings!

Special thanks to Jen Knapp & Sam Tucker (my blood sisters) for surprising me last night by coming over to our house with my favorite Grimaldi’s pizza and a chocolate & peanut butter cupcake to throw a mini surprise birthday party. You guys are the best!!!


2 thoughts on “36th Birthday

  1. Jill, Happy B-lated B-Day…. So happy to hear that Lucas will have another step behind him soon. Thoughts and prayers for you all

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