Ready to Go

We’re packed up & ready to go! Now that we’re packed, I’m actually a bit calmer and more at peace than I’ve been lately. For the last week, whenever someone asks me about Boston Children’s Hospital, I start to cry. The odd thing is, I don’t even know why I was crying. After thinking about it, I think the fear of the unknown was driving me nutty. Please keep us in your prayers that our 1st flight with Lucas goes smoothly!

Big thanks to Sam Tucker & my dad for coming over to babysit Lucas today while Bryan & I finished packing!!!

Yesterday, Lucas met his Cousin Peter & Anita for the 1st time! They are visiting from Cleveland, OH.


4 thoughts on “Ready to Go

  1. Good luck… Just a quick note to let you know you are still in our thoughts and prayers. Not sure distance affects telepathy but perhaps the positive energy, prayers and courage we are sending you will be stronger right now as they are only coming from Florida rather than all the way from Hong Kong;)

    • Yvonne – Welcome back to the states! Hope your enjoying the vacation. We so appreciate your constant support & prayers. Thank you!

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