Packed Wednesday

Today is packed full with imaging and doctors appointments. The day started at 7:45am with an EKG and echocardiogram. Lucas had to stay still for both. For the echocardiogram, I laid down on the big hospital bed and then had Lucas lay on me. They had Mickey Mouse playing on the TV in the room. So Lucas eventually calmed down and even started to take a nap. He’s such a good boy!

Dr. Harrild (cardiologist) shared the great news that Lucas’ PDA and PFO have both closed up! Both issues were present at birth but doctors predicted they would resolve themselves by 1 year of age. I’ll admit, I was pretty nervous for this appointment. As Dr. Harrild explained, many babies with EA/TEF also have heart issues that need surgical repair at the same time as the esophageal surgery. Feeling so blessed and emotionally relieved to learn Lucas is again breaking the mold.

Next, we had 3.5 hours until our barium swallow study at 12:45pm. Since it is raining outside, we wandered the hospital halls. We stumbled upon the annual Boston Children’s Hospital’s telethon with the local radio station. One of the radio producers got chatting with us and after hearing our story he asked if we would be willing to talk on the air. Might as well, we still had 2 hours to kill! So, Bryan, Lucas, and I had a live on-air interview. We both got a bit emotional. I mentioned that it is amazing to think of how many lives are blessed and touched on a daily basis at Boston Children’s Hospital. They are saving the lives of so many babies and children. The producer promised to send us some pictures from the interview. We’ll post the pics soon…Lucas’ story is going global baby!!!

Now, we are waiting for the 12:45pm barium swallow study. Lucas surprised us by taking a nap. He is learning to lay back in his stroller and take a nap whenever he can get it. After this, we meet with the entire Esophageal Treatment team at 3pm.



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