Go Time

The surgery has started. We are sitting in the waiting room praying the surgeon doesn’t come out in the next hour. Before the surgery starts, the surgeon will use an endoscopic ultrasound to determine if the congenital stricture has fibromuscular thickening or tracheobronchial remnants. If it has trachea material, then the surgery is canceled and we are on to creating a new game plan which would include a full resectioning (removal) of the area on another day. If the surgeon doesn’t come out after an hour, then we are to assume they instead found fibromuscular thickening which means the dilation is a go and we have a chance at having the stricture repaired by the less invasive dilation option.

Lucas feel asleep before the surgery so it was an easy hand off to the anesthesia team. He looked so peaceful being carried away. Still, we cried watching him walk away. Of course, we followed him until the team went into a restricted area.

Having Bob & Peggy by our sides has been extremely comforting. As usual, Bob said a powerful prayer before the surgery.

We know the Lord is guiding the surgeon’s hands and mind. He is keeping Lucas safe and easing our minds while Lucas is in surgery. Thank you Jesus!




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