Around 11am Lucas was extubated. He did not enjoy the experience. In fact, he threw up two times during the extubation. At one point, one of the nurses removed the J tube which was put in during the surgery to feed Lucas once he was stable. So Lucas has had no formula or nutrients in over 33 hours. Only clear IV fluids. Tomorrow he will be placed on TPN which is a form of liquid nutrients to go through his PICC line.

It has been another rough day. For most of the day Lucas has been in pain & having oxygen or breathing difficulties. There was one period of maybe 20 minutes when Lucas wanted  to play & even smiled a few times. Praying he starts to feel better soon.

Around 7pm, the doctors started to get nervous that we might need to reintubate Lucas. After some strong pain meds, an x-ray, & blood tests, it was determined Lucas’ lungs physically looked good. They were worried he might have a collapsed lung. So they are giving us more time for Lucas to stabilize.

In the last hour, Lucas finally relaxed and napped. He woke up in a good mood and seems fairly pain free. Hoping tonight won’t be too difficult.

6 thoughts on “Extubation

  1. Thank you God! We continue to pray for comfort and no more complications. We have asked all our family and friends to also pray for Mr. Lucas. Jill and Bryan you are the best, take care of yourselves. Give Lucas a hug and kiss for me.

    • Jackie – Thank you for all of the prayers from you & your friends. Lucas misses you. In fact, he really warmed up to a nurses named Diana who looks similar to you. We kept saying how she’s making him feel comfortable since she looks and acts so much like you. Soon he’ll come home & be ecstatic to see you!

  2. I continue to keep lil Lucas and your family in my prayers Jill and Bryan he seems to be a lil fighter I trust in god that he will pull through this prayers and love to you all

    • Aunt Carol – Glad to hear Bob’s keeping you in the loop. The days are so busy. But every hour he gets better and better.

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