Hour by Hour / Goodbye ICU

Lucas’ condition seems to change every hour. Yesterday afternoon he was doing great, and then by last night his condition deteriorated and his breathing was very junky sounding, he threw up several times, he was crying from lots of pain, and put back on oxygen. But even though each hour seems to be different than the last, overall his condition is improving. If I take a step back and look at his overall comfort today vs yesterday, I see definitive progress.

The best news is that early this morning when some emergencies arrived in the ICU, Lucas was chosen to leave the ICU and we are now on a much quieter floor with significantly less restrictions. Lucas’ condition seems to be improving rapidly here as he is finally able to get some sleep. We’ve even seem some glimpses of his old self when his pain is under control. Now pain management, instead of breathing, is quickly becoming his #1 issue. This is a welcome change. The pain issues are very difficult on all of us physically and emotionally, but the breathing issues are downright scary. For now, we just rely on His strength and take each hour as it comes.


Lucas is cute even on oxygen

8 thoughts on “Hour by Hour / Goodbye ICU

  1. Love and appreciate the updates. Day praying for all of you. Twice this past weekend I began weeping just for what you are going through. Nothing is worse on a parent than to see their child in pain an not be able to comfort them. Lucas is so fortunate to be your son. God bless

  2. Hi, this is Alyssa Brown, Shawn’s sister. I’ve been following Lucas’ story since Bryan and Shawn reconnected. My thoughts are with you all and you’re right, he is super cute even while on oxygen.

  3. So glad you are in a quieter room. John is talking to your Dad right now. He called just as I started to reply to you. We’re praying for you all. We can’t wait to meet your little guy! As I remember you, Bryan, as a little boy, meeting you for the first time in the parking lot of your parent’s apartment in Tempe, I see Lucas has inherited your cuteness!! Some day you can look back on all this and rejoice in all the miracles and provisions God has supplied. I know you see them now but I feel God will reveal a new glimpse of His grace to all of you through this ordeal. Love to you and Jill and Lucas (your folks, too!).

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