Tuesday – Day 5

Today was a good day. We may have finally figured out the pain medicines and best intervals between doses. Currently, we’ve stepped down to just Tylenol & Motrin.

Lucas was walking, talking, laughing, coloring, and having fun for most of the day. Our hospital room is on the 10th floor. Lucas loves looking out the big window to stare at the tall buildings & down at the world below.

I should mention Lucas’ PICC line is connected to many lines of TPN (liquid nutrients), fats, & various medicines. So whenever he is out of the bed & on the go walking, someone needs to follow Lucas around guiding the medicine pole. The nickname for this person is “pole dancer”. Ha! Ha! Apparently, I am a terrible pole dancer. Nani & Papa are tied for 1st place. Bryan is too cautious of a pole dancer. LOL!!!

This afternoon, Dr. Manfredi stopped by. He wanted to see how Lucas was feeling to determine if we should remove the stint tomorrow if Lucas was in too much pain. When Dr. Manfredi walked in, Lucas was at the window wrestling and laughing with Nani & Papa. Dr. Manfredi said he didn’t need to ask how Lucas was doing because he could see by his big smile that he is doing much better. For now, we are keeping the next dilation date for Friday which was our original plan. The more time the stint is in, the better the end results will be.

The Lord has blessed Lucas by quickly healing his esophagus. We want to give thanks & praise to the Lord our Father. Through all of the good & bad times, You have been there for us. Thank you for the numerous blessings.





5 thoughts on “Tuesday – Day 5

  1. Thank you for all the continued Lucas updates. Lucas is very fortunate to not only have great medical staff but a wonderful & loving family by his side each step of the way. So Wonderful to read of his progress.

    BTW Jill…. you & Bryan got me to breakdown and cry this past weekend over what you guys are all going through.

    God Bless & continued prayers

  2. This is fantastic news! He looks so sweet. Jackie and I are so thrilled with his progress. We have been praying hard and channeling as.much positive as we can. We’ll keep it up!

  3. Tim and I are so glad to hear Lucas is doing better. I can tell by his eyes he is isn’t up to par. I sure miss him. Glad you have great support with you. Take care of yourselves too. Hugs and Kisses.

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