Behind the Scenes – Papa & Nani

Whenever I watch movie credits, I’m always amazed at how many people it takes to make the film possible. And in many ways, taking care of Lucas is no different. I’m not talking about the nearly 30 people who were in the operating room when Lucas was born and I’m not talking about the 11 people bedside (18 people total) it took to stabilize Lucas and give him a protected airway before his second emergency surgery on Friday. I’m talking about my mom and dad (aka Papa & Nani).

In all honestly, I really can’t imagine how we would have been able to do this past week without their assistance. In yet another of the hundreds of God’s little “coincidences” we experienced over the last 16 months, Papa and Nani just so happened to have a preplanned vacation to visit extended family in upstate NY, just 3 hours from Boston, at the same time Lucas got scheduled to come here. They arrived on Thursday, the night before Lucas’ first surgery, and are still with us now. They get up about 7 am and don’t leave us until late at night. They are doing all the important little things that make an extended stay in the hospital comfortable and easy. They have been doing our laundry, washing bottles, getting us food, and keeping Lucas happy and entertained while we are talking to the doctors. They allow us to focus on Lucas’ care while they handle everything else.

They are also doing the great things that Papas and Nanis do. Yesterday, Nani showed up with an Elmo DVD. I’ve never seen Lucas so excited about TV before. He absolutely instantly loved Elmo. He was laughing , smiling, bouncing , and pointing at the TV. A few hours after that, Nani showed up with Elmo himself – or at least the stuffed animal version she found in the hospital gift shop. She held Elmo next to the TV and had him jumped out of the TV into Lucas’ arms. He loved that even more. I have a funny feeling that Elmo will be by Lucas’ side for a long time to come.

Thanks Papa and Nani for all your love, prayers, encouragement, and support.


Lucas and Elmo watching Elmo on DVD


Lucas and Elmo looking out the hospital room window

4 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes – Papa & Nani

  1. Wed.July 23. Our hearts and prayers are with you all in Boston. Lucas is so strong and obviously loves his life… How can he not with such wonderfully devoted parents and grandparents? Our love and prayers are with you, Go Lucas, Go! Pat and Tom

  2. I always watch the credits — thanks for listing some of them for Lucas’s story, too. You are all doing such a great job at giving him a loving, caring, stimulating environment no matter where you are.

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