Wednesday – Day 6

Today, two endocrinologists stopped by our room. The endocrinologist team reviewed the packet we created with Lucas’ rickets history. They determined Lucas does NOT have a genetics form of rickets. Praise the Lord! Instead, he has nutritional rickets. We may never know the real reason why. The two endocrinologists have never seen rickets due to C. Diff. But that could be the cause. Or Lucas could be allergic to the Neocate formula which could mean his body doesn’t absorb all of the nutrients. It doesn’t matter the cause. All that matters is his rickets are improving and in time it should be eliminated. Lastly, they believe Lucas’ body will eventually catch up in height and weight. Phew! We are elated with the great news. Everything is coming together perfectly in Boston!

Tomorrow we may get to try a new formula that will have more calories & taste better named Pediatric Compleat. This will be a dream come true for Lucas to finally have a formula that tastes better than dead fish which is what Neocate tastes like.

Remember Friday is Lucas’ next surgery. Praying his breathing is better this time as he’s coming out of anesthesia.

One thought on “Wednesday – Day 6

  1. Praise God ! Lucas Jill and Bryan you ate all being watched over. You have so many people that love you guys and care so very much for you. You guys are always in our prayers. Lucas baby you ate doing great ! You are such a strong little man. Many more prayers headed your way. We love you all

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