Tomorrow’s Surgery

On Friday @ 11:30am (maybe earlier), Lucas will have the second dilation (and third surgery) in his series of surgeries at Boston Children’s. Dr. Manfredi foresees the surgery will take an hour & a half. He will use interventional cutting with the needle knife, steroids, and the EGD balloon to progress both the upper & lower strictures. If Lucas’ esophagus and healing looks good, Dr. Manfredi may also choose to remove the lower esophageal stint that is responsible for the pain, breathing, and emesis issues Lucas has had this week. We are nervous that Lucas’ tracheomalacia will once again pose a significant and dangerous problem. Last week, when we expressed to an ICU doctor our displeasure that we were not brought to Lucas’ post-op bedside sooner, he retorted that he wanted to bring us back, but he also didn’t want us to have to see Lucas being resuscitated either (Lucas never did have to be resuscitated). The response was a bit uncouth, but underscored the seriousness of the breathing challenges Lucas had after his first surgery last week.

This week we will once again find peace and comfort by giving up our worries & fears to the Lord.

FYI – A third surgery is also already scheduled for a week from tomorrow on August 1st. During that surgery, Lucas will once again have his esophagus dilated, a bronchoscopy to review his airway & trachea, and a fecal microbiota transplant (FMT is a stool transplant to heal the C. Diff infection). Lucas is so strong!

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