Surgery Update

In some ways, yesterday could have been called a non-surgery. Although Lucas was under anesthesia for almost 3 hours again, so I think we’ll go ahead and count it. Dr. Manfredi removed the stint and examined Lucas’ esophagus both visually and under fluoroscopy. He said that he was very pleased with what he saw. So pleased, in fact, that he choose to not even do any further cutting or dilating! In other words, the first surgery went so well and the condition of Lucas’ esophagus was so encouraging, that all Dr. Manfredi ended up doing yesterday was remove the stint and look around. Another reason he just just looked was because the esophagus was still pretty “raw” as he described it and he wants to see how it heals up before proceeding. Dr. Manfredi mentioned that there were a couple of small finishing items he thought about addressing, but that sometimes it’s better to just leave a good thing alone instead of risking inadvertently making it worse.

The surgery ended up taking so long because our little bundle of energy managed to pull on his PICC line enough over the past week to make it no longer central. They replaced it with a new line “just in case” that we’ll have all week, and the replacement didn’t go quite as smoothly or as quickly as it could have.

In any case, how these esophagus results hold up will be very telling for Lucas’ future. We hope to find out a decent answer to that question during the next surgery on Friday, August 1st, but as it stands right now, we are very, very encouraged and hopeful. In fact, Lucas may take his first bite of food very soon!

One thought on “Surgery Update

  1. God is certainly hearing all the prayers for your precious baby Lucas. Love the pictures, Lucas is a doll…we see a lot of Bryan in him.
    Love you,
    Uncle Elmon & Aunt Kathryn

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