Busy Days

Wednesday’s doctor appointments started at 9am and didn’t finish until 6:30pm. Such a busy day. Lucas did really well considering from 9am until 12:30pm we were stuck in the same small exam room.

Lucas did awesome at the feeding specialist appointment. On Monday, Lucas was cleared to eat leave 2 foods. Plus, yesterday, we were cleared to give the Gerber puffs to see how Lucas does with the chewing action. He was a pro!!! He had no issues or gaging due to the harder texture. He broke each piece in half with his teeth and then continued to chew the puff until he swallowed. It brought tears to our eyes to see the huge feeding progression. Word got back to Dr. Manfredi that Lucas was doing well. So he stopped by to see Lucas in action. Very big day!

We were asked to be a part of a Boston Children’s Hospital study to run genetics blood testing on Lucas, Bryan, & me to see if there is any way doctors could predict the esophageal atresia in the future. We gladly agreed. In time, we will receive our own results. The study is starting out with 10 families. The end goal may be 40 families for the entire study. We feel blessed to be a part of the study. It would be great to help find a way for other families to avoid this medical issue in the future.

2 thoughts on “Busy Days

  1. Great news! I can’t wait to see you all and see this big boy eat ! Best of luck tomorrow! I will anxiously await more good news. Take care and God speed.

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