Quick Two Day Trip to See Family

After being released from the hospital on Saturday morning, we made an impromptu decision to rent a car and drive 3 hours to see our relatives in Clifton Park, NY. Lucas loved spending time with his Aunt Carol, Aunt Vivien, Uncle Gary, Jody, Frank, Mark, Annette, Kelly, Phil, Chad, Nikki, & Hunter! As an added bonus, Papa & Nani were still in Clifton Park on vacation. We had many fun and memorable moments. Plus, tasty homemade food! Now, we are driving back to Boston to make our 4pm doctor appointment with a Chief Endocrinologist at Boston Children’s Hospital.

This morning, Lucas got to eat pancakes with butter and syrup for the very 1st time! He loved the taste!!! Now that Lucas’ esophagus is larger, we can start feeding him very small and soft pieces of food from our plates. Such a wonderful moment to see…Jody – Thanks for making the pancakes!





3 thoughts on “Quick Two Day Trip to See Family

  1. what a wonderful surprise to see you pull into Mark’s driveway. Fun was had by all and we were so proud to show off our beautiful baby boy. Back in AZ. as of Monday and missing you all very much.

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