Milk Allergy Test

After almost 14 months on the absolutely terrible tasting Neocate formula, we received an approval from Dr. Manfredi & nutrition to test Lucas’ gut with a milk based formula. Yippee! Over the last 2 days, we gave Lucas some Gerber Blueberry Yogurt with no negative reactions. In fact, he loved the yogurt! So this morning, we switched to PediaSure formula. After 5 days of no issues (on Sunday), we can assume Lucas does not have a milk allergy which would be amazing!!!

Neocate is the most broken down formula you can buy with no dairy or soy of any kind. The formula is not covered by insurance. So we pay $800 a month out of our own pocket to feed Lucas the Neocate formula that literally tastes like rotten fish! Normally Neocate is used for babies that are feed via a feeding tube or button. This makes it even more amazing that Lucas has been drinking the terrible tasting Neocate via a bottle 8 times a day. Lucas is such a good boy.

Lucas appears to enjoy the taste of PediaSure. He does seem to have a bit more coughing after drinking a bottle of PediaSure. In time, we foresee the coughing will go away once he becomes accustomed to the thicker texture. PediaSure has 30 calories per ounce vs Neocate at 24 calories per ounce. So, Lucas needs to drink less formula a day to get the same amount of calories. The goal is to drastically reduce the number of bottle feeds per day and increase the number of solid feeds over the next couple of weeks/months. So happy! Praying Lucas does not have a negative reaction which would mean he has a milk allergy. No whammies!

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