4th Surgery Update

Yesterday’s surgery went well with no leaks. Praise the Lord! Dr. Manfredi completed a significant amount of cutting and balloon dilations on the upper and lower strictures. He was extremely pleased with the results. This morning, we were released from the hospital.

We have the next 2 weeks off for the esophagus to heal. Then, another 1 or a few more dilations before we can go home. 😦 We had our hopes up that we would be going home next week. In the long run, it is probably better to get Lucas perfect before going home. Still, we’re a bit down and missing our AZ family.

We may check out of the hotel for a week or so to drive up to Clifton Park, NY to spend time again with our relatives. Trying to make the best out of our long time away from home.

3 thoughts on “4th Surgery Update

  1. We were hoping he would be coming home too. It is a long time but worth every day that we know he is getting better. Dr. Manfredi is the best and he wants what is best for Lucas. What a blessing he is. Your family in Clifton Park are eagerly awaiting your return. Yummy, Lucas, more pancakes and lots of loving from everyone. We love you all. PaPa (Pop) and Nani

  2. So much positive news for Lucas… He is so lucky to have the family that he has and we are all blessed to have been pat of your families life. Prayers continue for his positive progress. The three F’s are the only things that w need in life: Faith, Family, & Friends!!!! with those three we are truly blessed.

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