Improvements Over the Last Month

Since coming to Boston Children’s Hospital, we have worked with top notch doctors to complete the following:
– Stretched the lower esophagus stricture which means we have avoided the need to have a painful & lengthy resectioning surgery.
– Stretched the top stricture. So now the esophagus almost has the shape of a normal esophagus. So pleased with the results!
– Had the 1st ever Fecal Microbiata Transplant (FMT) at Boston Children”s Hospital which appears to have eliminated the C. Diff infection which Lucas was infected with since January.
– Now that the esophagus is larger, he can eat stage 2 baby foods. In a few weeks he can start to eat table foods like a normal 15 month old. Yippee! Plus, he is drinking every 3 hours vs. 2 hours. So he is drinking more formula during each feed.
– Switched from the expensive, terrible tasting, & difficult to get Neocate to over the counter PediaSure. This formula taste significantly better than Neocate.
– Close to resolving the rickets condition. The endocrinologist keeps changing up the medicines and running blood work. Hoping to have a big improvement by the end of the year.
– Before arriving in Boston, Lucas took 14 doses of medicine a day. Now, we are down to 5 doses of medicine a day.

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