Test Results

On Thursday, we received the news that Lucas tested positive for C. Diff. Urgh. So, we’re back to taking vencomycin (antibiotic) 4 times a day. This time, we will wait until all of the dilations are completed before we have another FMT. Due to the C. Diff, Lucas has even less of an appetite than normal. So, my job of feeding Lucas 7 plus bottles a day is fairly stressful. On top of everything, he is having 5 plus diapers a day of diarrhea. His tummy just started to hurt as of yesterday. Good times.

On Friday, we learned Lucas’ blood test results came back as being allergic to milk with a score of 2.09. A score of .35 would mean no allergy. Lucas is in the moderate allergy rating of class 2. For some reason this news hit me hard. I’m always positive and don’t let things phase me. This time, my response was sadness. I love milk, cheese, butter, chocolate, and anything with dairy. I can’t imagine Lucas not enjoying all of these foods. For now, Bryan and I are starting to cut milk out of our diet to be prepared to make foods at home for Lucas that we can all enjoy as a family. Plus, we will work with an allergist to figure out when & how we can try to test Lucas’ gut with dairy. I’m sure it won’t be for a few years.

Soon, I want some really good news. No more positive tests for another issue. I appreciate that Lucas is a happy, bright, and loving baby. We are truly blessed to have such a loving child. I just need some good medical news again soon to lift my spirits. Having good news after Wednesday’s surgery would be the best blessing yet. Praying for some good news & more strength.

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