Some Bigger Feeds

On Sunday evening, we started to think the C. Diff medicine was kicking in and Lucas got his appetite back. Lucas finally had 2 bigger feeds. One was 210 mls (the entire bottle!) and the other was 180 mls. Before this, Lucas has been averaging 110 mls. We feel like the bigger feeds may be a good sign that Lucas’ last dilation could be keeping it’s shape & not shrinking. That would be amazing!

On Wednesday, Dr. Manfredi will look at the esophagus and let us know if the last stretch held which means we may be done soon! Or, it didn’t hold which means we would switch gears and start over with a complete resection. For a resection, we may get to go home for a few weeks while we wait for a surgery spot and then come back to Boston for a few more months. Having real hope that the stretching held put Bryan & I back in good spirits.

Lord…We thank you for giving us a little sign that the last dilation may have held. We continue to ask for strength and that you take away the worry. Thank you father!

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