Good News

Progress! Lucas’ esophagus stayed open to about 10 mm. Then, Dr. Manfredi dilated the area back up to 15 mm. This time, the dilation was much easier to stretch which is a good sign. Dr. Manfredi was “really pleased”. For now, the resection option is not being considered. This could always change in the future if the esophagus starts to shrink back too rapidly between dilations. But Dr. Manfredi feels like we have a strong chance that just the balloon dilations are all Lucas will need.

The next surgery is Friday 9 days from now. If his esophagus looks good and holds its shape like today, then the timelines will start to be stretched out a bit. Probably 4-5 dilations more. But as timelines get stretched to 3-4 weeks, we may be able to fly back to AZ in between surgeries. We can’t wait to go home!!!

The colon looked visually good! Biopsies results will be back next week. Due to time constraints they decided to do a sigmoidoscopy rather than a colonoscopy. They were able to see about 1/3 of the colon. In the future we will most likely complete a full colonoscopy to rule out further issues.

2 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Praise to our Lord. He hears our prayers and answers them. That’s our boy, he is a fighter. Love you Lucas. Hugs and Kisses from PaPa and Nani

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