Amazing Employers

Bryan & I are so blessed to work for two amazing employers who have been extremely understanding & supportive of us taking time off to be with Lucas in Boston. Bryan works for Element Payment Services. I work for Bank of America. Our managers truly care about us and Lucas on a personal level!

For the last 7 weeks, Bryan has been taking unpaid time off. Just last week, I ran out of vacation & sick time. So now, I am also taking unpaid time off. Now that the surgeries are starting to have more days in between, Bryan & I are figuring out a schedule so both of us can go back to work part-time. If only money grew on trees. Ha! Lucky for us, we both love what we do.

BTW – Even though I’ve been away on vacation for weeks, Marie Manha (my phenomenal boss) informed me of an Executive Recruiter opening on another team. She knew I would love to be considered for the outstanding career opportunity. So, I completed 3 phone interviews. Last week, I received the great news that out of the many internal/external applicants, I was chosen to fill the Executive Recruiter role! Stephanie Davidson will be my new boss and she is fully aware of and supportive of me doing whatever I need to do for Lucas. Wow! The Lord is so good!!!

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