Our family greeted us at the airport when we arrived on Saturday! They even threw us a fun welcome home lunch. Saturday flew by. We were overwhelmed with happiness and also terribly sleep deprived. It felt so odd to be back to our normal life in our home after being gone for 2 months. I kept saying “this feels surreal”. Of course, we got teary eyed a few times.

Seeing Skyler (our dog) was a wonderful moment! He happily greeted us at the door and didn’t want to leave our sides. Now that Lucas is eating normal table food, Skyler is staying extra close to Lucas when he’s eating. Skyler especially enjoys the dropped prices of turkey meatballs, pasta, veggie straws, hummus, bread, and even broccoli. Ha.

When we came into the house, the 1st thought that came to my mind was ” Wow! We have a really nice house”. 🙂 It is amazing how much you appreciate space & a well decorated room after being in a small hospital room for so many weeks.

As soon as we walked inside the house, Lucas ran all over going from toy to toy. He didn’t take an afternoon nap because he was having so much fun!

Feeling so blessed to be home until the end of September when we go back to Boston for another surgery. We will enjoy and appreciate every moment we have back in AZ!

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