Possible Immune Deficiency Disorder

Thursday morning started with a call from the allergist/immunologist at Boston Children’s Hospital. Our immunology blood test results came back with some noticeable issues. A quick summary is, Lucas’ immune system is very weak/compromised. They are not sure if the C. Diff infection since January is causing his immune system to be depressed or his depressed immune system is the reason why he can’t beat C. Diff. They are waiting for the microarray results to come in & show or not show an immune deficiency disorder. Praying we don’t have another medical battle on our hands. For now, we need to hold off on giving any live vaccinations (ex. MMR) since Lucas’ body isn’t strong enough to handle a live vaccine and he would most likely become infected by the live vaccine.

Needless to say, I was down on Thursday & Friday. Lucky for us, we are blessed to have amazing friends & family members who quickly came over to chipper us up. On Friday night, Nani, Papa Bob, & Papa Lou came over & Nani even made an amazing dinner. On Saturday, Nani & Aunt Jenny surprised us with a visit to make us smile and of course play with Lucas. They brought many tasty foods which were free of dairy, soy, and fruit. Lucas loved everything they brought! Then on Sunday, Aunt Jen Knapp came over for breakfast & helped me organize our master bedroom. From the afternoon through to late at night, Gigi came over to have her fun with Lucas. She was doing such a great job that Bryan & I left together to run some errands. It was nice to spend some alone time with Bryan.

Lord – We may not always understand your game plan for Lucas. We have been through so many ups & down. Thankfully, we always end each day with a smile because Lucas is in our lives. Thank you for giving us the most amazing gift! I can’t imagine a more perfect child.

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