New Words

Lucas just started to say Skyler (our dog’s name)! Now Skyler is following Lucas around even closer. Skyler must think Lucas wants to play with him. Ha!

So far, Lucas clearly says Dada (his favorite word), Mama, Papa (just started saying this word a week ago), bath, bounce (this is what he calls a ball), vroom (this is what he calls a car), & Skyler.

Last week, he totally surprised me by repeating a saying that I say constantly. He said “duck goes whack whack”. He said it 3 times in a row! Then, he’s never said it since. He’s shy about talking. 

Over the last week, he’s constantly babbling & starting to say more words. We feel like he’s on the verge of having some great growth with words. Can’t wait!

Lucas loves for us to ask him where something is and then he points to it. I can’t wait until he starts to say what things are while pointing. 🙂

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