20th Surgery

20th surgery…It amazes me to think Lucas just completed his 20th surgery. Lord, thank you for constantly watching over Lucas & giving him back to us with an even stronger esophagus.

Dr. Manfredi did quite a bit of work today, and so Lucas won’t be allowed to drink at all today. Going to a surgical floor for the night to be watched as the esophageal wall looked “thin.” No leak now. But want to give the esophagus some time to heal before we give him any fluids. Will reevaluate tomorrow depending on how Lucas is doing. Will very likely have another dilation before we leave Boston. Dr Manfredi will probably look at the esophagus during the FMT on next Friday and make a game plan from there.

Lucas is sleeping in my arms right now. I just love looking down to see his precious peaceful face. He’s so handsome.

3 thoughts on “20th Surgery

  1. We met you in the airport Monday night. We are the four girls sitting across from you. I’m glad to hear he had the surgery today. We would love to send you something. Do you have Boston address?

    • You guys are so sweet to read the blog & think to send something to Lucas! He really enjoyed flirting with you guys. 🙂 Please don’t feel like you have to send something besides prayers. But if you truly want to, our housing address is Yawkey House, ATTN: Lucas Cox, 241 Kent St Brookline, MA 02446

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