Released From The Hospital

Lucas was released from the Hospital. Dr. Manfredi is still a bit concerned about the area of the esophagus he worked on which now looks a bit thin. Yesterday & today, Lucas had xrays taken which showed no leaks. Just to be extra careful and not cause a tear from food bulging out the thin area, we were told to avoid any food until Tuesday. Only formula, water, & liquids for now. On Tuesday, we can try soft foods like bread, avocado, butter, hummus, & peas. Then, on Wednesday we need to start the clean out directions for Friday’s colonoscopy & FMT (stool transplant) to once again try to eliminate the C. Diff infection.

The big issue is Lucas no longer enjoys the taste of his non-dairy/soy formula. So we are extremely nervous about Lucas not consuming enough calories and in turn seeing a huge decline in weight. When we started the surgeries in Boston back on July 18, Lucas weighed 10.5 kg. After weekly surgeries for almost 7 straight weeks, Lucas went back to AZ weighing only 10kg. So he lost .5 kgs. While home, Lucas was able to have a normal schedule and added .25 kgs in just 3 weeks. Bryan & I were so happy to see Lucas finally start putting on some weight! Now, we most likely will see rapid weight loss. Urgh. At minimum praying Lucas stays happy & healthy.

3 thoughts on “Released From The Hospital

  1. Are you allowed to add vanilla or something sweet to it? I like vanilla soy milk but not plain, but I realize you might have restrictions on what can go in his formula. Praying for Lucas here too.

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