No Place Like Home

Sorry for the delayed update. Time quickly flew by.

On last Friday, Dr. Manfredi ended up doing a significant amount of cutting on the lower esophagus. He even removed some esophagus tissue which caused stricturing on one side.  So, we ended up being admitted to the Hospital over the night for observation.

For a few hours after the surgery, we were under the impression that instead of going home over the weekend, we wouldn’t be able to go home for a few weeks. The idea of not going home made me fall apart and cry like a baby. We never showed our disappointment to Dr. Manfredi. Luckily, later in the day Dr. Manfredi visited our Hospital room and conveyed after further review he wanted to give the esophagus a break to heal & wouldn’t be scheduling another surgery for 3 weeks. Just enough time for us to go home! Now, I cried tears of joy once Dr. Manfredi left the room. Yippee!!!

We all flew home on Sunday on a 5:45am flight. Crazy early! But, getting less than 2 hours of sleep on Saturday night was well worth it. Once we landed in AZ, we were overjoyed with happiness! Like Dorothy says in The Wizard of Oz, “There is no place like home”. šŸ™‚

The game plan is to go back to Boston for the next surgery on November 6 or 7. Most likely we’ll have another surgery the following week. Then, we should get to go home for a few weeks break and even get to spend Thanksgiving with our family. We are especially grateful for all our blessings over the last year.

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