Keeps Getting Better

Yesterday, Lucas turned 18 months old. We cannot believe he is already one and a half years old! Time is flying by. Luckily, we are enjoying every moment while we are home.

With every passing day, Lucas keeps getting better. He is becoming more fun and independent. In the past, Lucas either needed us right by his side playing or he wanted to be in my arms. In the last few weeks, he has become a true toddler and now can play on his own with us just a short distance away.

In fact, today feels like one of the best days we have ever had with Lucas. I am guessing this type of day is normal for most families. But, since July, our lives have been turned upside down by us spending so much time in Boston. Today, I felt like we were actually living in AZ, not just waiting for our next surgery in Boston. We started the day with me making breakfast sandwiches while Lucas played completely on his own 15 feet away. This was a 1st! Then, Lucas and I went on a stroller ride to enjoy the gorgeous 75 degree weather while Dada completed numerous errands around the house. During the walk, Lucas & I even made a quick stop at the grocery store…This is only the 2nd time Lucas has ever been in a grocery store in AZ. Normally, we do not take Lucas out to avoid germs since our surgeons want us to do everything possible to ensure Lucas does not get sick…Then, we ended the day with some fun play time outside with the new water & sand table. Lucas had a blast!

So far, one and a half years old is my favorite age for Lucas. Life is good!

Lucas did not want Papa Bob & Nani to leave on Friday night. So, Lucas received some special treatment and was able to sit in Papa’s lap for a few minutes.

4 thoughts on “Keeps Getting Better

  1. He is just so beautiful. I cannot get over the change in him from August to November. In the pictures I have from August he looks like a baby. In the latest pictures you have been taking he looks like a little boy. Three months has made such a difference. We are so happy he is improving with each day. Love you all.

    • Jody – Totally agree. Lucas is growing up right before our eyes. Now, Hrs a fun playful toddler. Now, he can atop growing up. Ha!

  2. Actually, we tried to make a break for it with Lucas, but daddy and mommy would not let him go with us. He is turning into such a big boy. (No longer a baby). We love our little boy, PaPa and Nani

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