No Dilation Needed

Best news yet! Dr. Manfredi said the 2 stricture sites held their size and shape since the last dilation 4 weeks ago. The lower stricture is at 12 mm and the top stricture is a good 15 mm plus which is a perfect size for Lucas’ age. So, Dr. Manfredi decided to not perform any dilations in the esophagus. It took Lucas a few hours to fully wake up from anesthesia. Then, we were cleared to go home and didn’t even need to stay the night at the hospital!

Dr. Manfredi said with a big proud smile, Lucas’ esophagus “looks really good”. We’ve hit a big turning point! Now, we go home and wait for a sign that Lucas’ esophagus is narrowing. For example, food getting stuck, coughing, choking, and/or throwing up while eating food. If all continues to go well, we will have an esophogram at Phoenix Children’s Hospital in 2 months. The PCH radiologist will review the results in person and should let us know if any stricturing is present. Plus, a DVD of the procedure will be sent to Boston Children’s Hospital for Dr. Manfredi to review. If all looks good, we may get another month or two until we perform a 2nd esophogram at PCH or Dr. Manfredi may just schedule us for surgery back in Boston to see Lucas’ esophagus in person at the 3 month mark.

This is the type of news we’ve dreamed of! Lucas is finally at the point where we are maintaining his esophagus rather than needing constant surgeries to stretch the esophagus. This means many more weeks/months between surgeries. Our prayers have been answered!

BTW – Southwest has been so good to us! We were able to move our flights from departing home on Saturday to today at no additional cost. Actually, we’re in the air as I’m typing this message. 🙂

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