The Doctors

If you ever wanted to see Dr. Russell Jennings (EA Director/Surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital) speak about Esophageal Atresia, I recommend setting your TV to record “The Doctors” TV show on this Wednesday, January 14. Dr. Jennings is one of the most intelligent yet humble and laid back surgeons we have ever met. Dr. Jennings prefers to be called “Rusty” not Dr. Jennings or Dr. Russell. Rusty is the lead director in charge of managing Lucas’ care at Boston Children’s Hospital. Simply put, Dr. Manfredi (our surgeon) reports to Rusty.


Below is a summary of Everly’s journey which will be highlighted during the segment. Everly had a type A form of EA which is also known as Long Gap EA:

“Our daughter Everly was born with long gap EA last March. We spent 5 months at Boston Children’s Hospital repairing her gap with the Foker Technique. Though a very long and hard road, we are happy to say that she is doing amazing today. We were grateful to have Everly’s story documented by the show THE DOCTORS. Our segment is going to air this upcoming Wednesday, January 14th (check your local listings for showtimes). We are thrilled to bring a spotlight to EA and get awareness out about the Foker Technique, especially during EA/TEF Awareness Month!!! Here is Everly’s blog post about our time on the show.”

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