Aha! Moment

Last night, I was reading about another EA/TEF baby’s crazy medical journey when I had an Aha! moment. “Oh my gosh! My water broke at 26 weeks! Lucas has been through 24 surgeries!!! Our last 22 months have been more stressful and filled with fear than most people will ever experience in their entire lifetime!” This may sound crazy, but I’ve never really looked back & sat to think about all we have gone through with Lucas. We always take each day as a new start and continue looking forward to a brighter future. When I took a moment to reminisce, it brought tears to my eyes.

Tears of joy that Lucas is such an amazing fighter! He is doing better than ever. Tears of sadness that we had to complete this journey. Tears of happiness that Bryan took the time to research all of our options and recommended we go to Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr. Manfredi & the entire EA Team have vastly improved Lucas’ life. Tears of exhaustion from the many times we’ve layed in Lucas’ hospital room praying he would get well enough to go home. Tears of appreciation for knowing the Lord was always by our side. Though Jesus did not give us an easy journey, we have always felt his presence and turned to him for answers when making life changing decisions. It is most amazing that whenever we are stressed or fearful, we can give up our worries to the Lord and he works to fill our hearts with an inner peace. In fact, Lucas’ journey has brought us even closer to the Lord. Amazing!

I think Bryan & I have stayed grounded and haven’t had nervous breakdowns because we have a phenomenal support team. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all of our friends and family members who have prayed for Lucas, brought us a meal, ran an errand for us, offered us a room to stay in while Lucas was in the hospital, cared for Skyler (our dog), babysat, or sent a text/email/voicemail to express your support. THANK YOU!!!

2 thoughts on “Aha! Moment

  1. Beautifully said. As grandparents who have been on this journey with you, we, too, have seen the truth in not living in the past, or the future, but in the presence with our Lord. It is the only way to feel His strength, love, direction and peace. It gives us joy in our sufferings to know He is in charge and will carry us through no matter what.

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