Waiting for Results Review

The radiologist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital thought Lucas’ esophagus looked “amazing” during the swallow study. The radiologist has seen maybe 5 distal strictures and hundreds of upper strictures in his long career at PCH and Lucas’ esophagus was the best he’s ever seen. In fact, he said Lucas’ esophagus almost looks completely normal as if it never needed even one surgery. He pulled up Lucas’ prior swallow study results from February 2014 & could not believe the amazing results Boston Children’s Hospital has performed. He wanted to know all about our experience at BCH and who our surgeons were.

Now, we are waiting for Dr. Manfredi or Dr. Jennings to review the CD images we mailed overnight to BCH. Bryan & I joked that what PCH deems amazing may not be good enough results to BCH. We’ll keep you posted.

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