Full House

On Wednesday, Bryan & Lucas returned home. It feels so good to have the family back together again! I must admit, the house seemed empty, quiet, and boring while they were gone.

Bryan still has a strong productive cough. So Bryan is staying in the master bedroom or his office to avoid Lucas until his symptoms lessen a bit.

On Monday & Tuesday, I fully decontaminated the house by using way too much Lysol (so happy Lucas was out of the house and didn’t ingest the fumes), used antibacterial wipes on every surface (ex. light switches, door handles, counters, etc), and did 8 loads of laundry to get everything in the house free of germs. I even washed Skyler’s bed cover since he lays right next to Bryan at night. On Wednesday morning, Marlene (our cleaning lady) completed a deep clean of the house. Just in time for Lucas to return home on Wednesday afternoon.

Thank the Lord, Lucas did not catch the flu. We were extra nervous because Bryan fed Lucas on Saturday night when he started to become sick with a sore throat. We are hoping this could be a sign that Lucas’ immune system is improving and he was able to fight off the flu.

A big THANK YOU to Jackie & Tim for taking Lucas to your house for 2 days!!! You are so good to our family. We love you guys!

Below are pictures of Lucas playing in our master bedroom before going to bed last night. As you can see, Lucas has no fear!  He goes from a sitting position to diving off the chaise on to the ground. Ha!!!




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