Choking/Coughing Episode

This morning, Lucas had a 25 minute choking/coughing episode. Basically, food gets stuck further down in his esophagus. So, he can still breath. But he is constantly coughing and even throws up until the food gets dislodged by giving Lucas water, bouncing him in our arms, or rolling him around on the ground.

The episode was a harsh reminder that even though Lucas is doing great for an EA/TEF baby, he still will have his feeding issues every once in a while. I believe this episode happened because Lucas’ molars are coming in so his teeth are sore and he isn’t chewing food as well as normal.

Feeling blessed to work from home to be with Lucas & Jackie (our amazing nanny) as we worked Lucas through the episode. It is definitely a two person job with one person holding Lucas upright while the other person pours the water into his mouth. Plus, if we needed to leave for the ER, one person needs to ensure Lucas is breathing and drinking water in the backseat while the other person drives.

Our last choking/coughing episode was a good 2 months ago. Hopefully we will have another 2 plus months before it happens again.

Thank you Lord for protecting Lucas & dislodging the food. We always feel your healing hands during these episodes.

BTW – Lucas is such a happy baby that even when food is stuck & causing pain, towards the end of the episode he smiled with joy because he loves being bounced. He’s such a blessing!

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