Potty Chair Time

On Saturday, Lucas’ potty chair arrived. Immediately, Lucas wanted to flush the toilet to see the pretend tank water features light up and water twirl around to a real flushing sound and a cheerful yay. Over the last couple of days, we would go in the bathroom and encourage Lucas to sit on the potty chair & flush the toilet for fun.

On Tuesday evening, just when we were starting the bath water, we had Lucas sit on the potty chair for the 1st time without any clothes or diaper on. We told Lucas he was a big boy on a potty chair like Daddy. So it was time to go pee. He loved the attention and excitement. Then, he peed!!! Lucas got an abundance of cheers & praise from us. Since the chair can detect when there is liquid in the bowl, right after Lucas peed, the chair started to play musical ditties and sound effects that rewarded Lucas for going pee in the potty chair. Such a big boy moment!!!

Last night, we decided to try the same pee process just when the bath tub was being filled with water. Then, Lucas peed again in the potty chair!!! This time, he decided to touch the pee in the bowl. Next time, we’ll be quicker and avoid the pee touching moment in the process. Ha!




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