Prayers for Peggy’s Back Surgery

Today, Peggy (aka Nani) is having a much needed back surgery to resolve a slipped disc. She is being admitted at 3pm for the surgery to start sometime between 4pm – 5pm. At the very end of December, Peggy started to feel leg and back pain. After numerous tests and imaging, an MRI finally confirmed she has a slipped disc.

I am in awe at the strength & grace Peggy has shown throughout this painful period of time. By the way, if there was an award for the World’s Best Mother In-Law, Peggy would win! She always puts others before herself. She is a perfect example of what a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and follower of Jesus Christ should be.

I would love for Peggy to be covered in prayer today. May the Lord guide the surgeon’s hands to eliminate all of the leg and back pain. Today is the marvelous day when Peggy will get her pain free body & life back. Thanks for the prayers!

2 thoughts on “Prayers for Peggy’s Back Surgery

  1. How does one reply to such a beautiful statement that my daughter-law made. There is only one way. I,too, thank The Lord that he gave me you as a daughter-in law. You are a wonderful wife and a loving mother that has never loss faith in the power of prayer for Lucas. God always has a plan and you are part of the plan for our family and for that I thank Him.

    • Thanks Nani! The Lord blessed me beyond measure when he joined me in marriage to Bryan and the Cox family. I love all of you so much!

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