Bad Blueberries

Lucas appears to have an issue with blueberries. Just 36 hours after reintroducing blueberries, and he had 4 stools in 1 hour right before bed time. 2 stools were somewhat normal and the last 2 were explosive diarrhea. In the past, we’ve tried blueberries once before and Lucas had diarrhea within 4 days of eating blueberries. We were really hoping last time was just a fluke. Looks like Lucas has a true issue with blueberries. One less food item that Lucas can enjoy. On the bright side, Lucas does not have any issues with bananas or raspberries.

Praying Lucas got all of the blueberries out of his system and will wake up feeling better on Wednesday morning. We are suppose to have a fun morning at the zoo with Gigi and Jackie.

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