Going Back To Boston

We are going back to Boston during the 1st week in May. The week is packed with numerous doctor check up appointments such as endocrinology, immunology, genetics, feeding, speech, and GI. On Thursday, May 7, Lucas will have surgery with Dr. Manfredi to view Lucas’ esophagus and perform any dilations which may be needed.

Rather than being scared or fearful of the trip, I have decided to mentally embrace the trip as a big turning point. How awesome would it be to hear Dr. Manfredi say he only needed to perform some minor dilations and Lucas doesn’t need to return for 6 months??? Or, the endocrinologist doctors could tell us Lucas is showing great improvement with his rickets. Or, the immunologist doctor could say Lucas is showing more signs of his immune system building up strength. This could be a trip filled with some life changing amazing news! Even just 1 good news moment will make the entire trip a success.

Please keep Lucas in your prayers that he has many fun & joyful moments during our trip back to Boston. Most importantly, let this trip be filled with positive medical updates. Thank you!

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