Boston – Day 1 & 2

Lucas did great in the airplane. He stayed in our row & never had a melt down moment like other nearby kiddos. Success!

After we landed, Lucas got to taste McDonald’s chicken nuggets for the very 1st time. He enjoyed every bite.

Before leaving on our trip, I put together a list of fast food items Lucas can consume which are free of dairy & soy which he is allergic to. The list has already proven helpful.

Today, Lucas ate Lay’s classic chips for the very 1st time! We decided to let him go for it since we could always take a brief walk to Boston Children’s Hospital if a chip got stuck. Ha. Lucas didn’t have a single choking issue. In fact, we gave him whole chips & he ate just the right size bites to not cause an issue. He ate an entire bag of 160 calories in less than 15 minutes! This was a big food accomplishment.





One thought on “Boston – Day 1 & 2

  1. I see a commercial for Lays. You need to tell his story and send the pictures. Adorable as always. Love that boy with all of my heart. Nani

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