Boston – Schedule For The Week

We thought our friends & family members might like to see our schedule for the week. Now, you can feel like you’re with us in Boston.

In the morning, we see the speech therapist who will evaluate Lucas’ knowledge for his age. She always gives us many helpful tips to keep Lucas brain active & constantly learning. In the afternoon, we are going to a Red Sox game with free tickets from Boston Children’s Hospital courtesy of Mike Napoli (Red Sox catcher). Exciting! We will arrive at 3:30pm to view the batting practice. Next, we will attend a special meet & greet event with Mike Napoli. The game starts at 7pm. Can’t wait to see where our seats will be. Crazy excited for another awesome Red Sox experience!!!

We have genetics & endocrinology appointments.

We have our immunologist & then EA surgical team appointments.

The big surgery day! We would greatly appreciate extra prayers on this day.

We should be released from the hospital by early afternoon.

We fly home!

Seriously jammed packed itinerary. We have a rental car through Tuesday since our appointments are all in different cities. Should be an eventful week.

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