Boston – Surgery Update

Lucas is out of surgery. He did great! Dr. Manfredi said the lower stricture looked awesome. He was easily able to get the 12mm scope through the lower stricture area. In fact, Dr. Manfredi said the lower stricture area looked even larger than after the last dilation in November. So, the food Lucas is eating by mouth is helping the esophagus to naturally grow larger.  Dr. Manfredi dilated the lower stricture up to 15mm which is a first.

The upper stricture needed some fine tuning. He was able to expand the upper stricture from 15mm to 18mm which is a huge first for Lucas. Dr. Manfredi wants us to start doubling Lucas’ food size. Very exciting!

Now, Lucas is sleeping. Depending on how Lucas wakes up and his pain level we may even be able to go back to the Yawkey House tonight rather than stay the night at the hospital. But we need to wait & see how Lucas wakes up.

Dr. Manfredi wants us to come back in 4 – 6 weeks to have some more fine tuning on the top stricture. But it should only be a quick in & out surgery where we can fly in the day before. Then, we should go back to having a few/many months between surgeries.

BTW – I thought I was relaxed & calm about today’s surgery. But once I left Lucas asleep in the surgery room with anesthesia, I lost it & had a big cry in Bryan’s arms. I forgot all of the emotions which come over you since we haven’t had a surgery in 5 months.



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