We’re Home

Dr. Manfredi was going to discharge Lucas on Thursday right after surgery. Lucas woke up better than ever from anesthesia. Normally he wakes up screaming & crying which wasn’t the case this time around. But, we did give Lucas the midazolam medicine 20 minutes before the surgery to slowly get Lucas’ body sleepy for anesthesia and the drug is proven to help patients forget the anesthesia experience. So far, Lucas has not experienced any night terrors so the midazolam drug may have worked.

Unfortunately, for the 1st time ever after a surgery, it actually hurt for Lucas to even drink water. Plus, Lucas sounded hoarse, his tracheomalacia was more noticable due to a loud honking noise when breathing in, and he was very close to throwing up 3 times. So, we all agreed it would be best for Lucas to stay the night to get pain medicine via IV. It is never fun to see your little one in pain.

By Friday morning, Lucas was drinking a little bit of formula but still avoiding water. The surgical team decided Lucas was well enough for us to be released.

We flew home on Saturday morning. We received a very warm welcome from our family! Lucas ran around the house nonstop for 3 hours straight playing with Gigi & Papa Lou. He loved being home.

With each passing day, Lucas is consuming more food via mouth and is just starting to drink more water. We started with soft foods and are slowly reintroducing solid food. This time around, Lucas is taking longer than normal to bounce back.

One item of concern is Lucas still sounds extremely hoarse. His little voice has not returned to normal after Thursday’s surgery which is very odd. We have a call out to Dr. Manfredi to see if there are any home remedies we can do to get Lucas’ voice back to normal. Please keep Lucas in your prayers that his voice quickly returns. Thanks!

Below is an adorable picture of Lucas after bath time last night. He is the happiest baby on earth!!!


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