Hospital Update #2

Sunday was an emotional day. During the morning, Lucas had a 2 hour period of time when no matter how high they turned up the nasal oxygen level, Lucas’ oxygen level was staying in the low 80’s and at the lowest point hit 77%. We were grateful for PCH’s quick response. Within a few short minutes, our room was filled with doctors, the respiratory support team, and nurses who quickly assessed the situation. They started Lucas on chest percussion therapy (CPT) using a vest which utilizes a vacuum to rapidly fill & deflate the vest while compressing and releasing the chest wall. CPT’s goal is to loosen up the mucus. At the same time, we gave breathing treatments with a nebulizer machine and medicine. Then, a nurse suctioned out the mucus by placing a small tube down each of Lucas’ nostrils. Lucas doesn’t mind the vest CPT. Sadly, he cries and yells “no, no more” during the suctioning. So heartbreaking to hear! Of course, I shed some tears when Lucas wasn’t looking at me. The CPT made a huge positive impact. So, we have a recurring CPT appointment every 4 hours.

On Monday & today, Lucas has been doing great! They told us he is actually progressing at the rate of a  “normal” toddler with rhino/enterovirus (i.e. not a toddler with a compromised airway or weak immune system). He is also now off supplemental oxygen and just on room air… AND… wait for it…. after not wanting to eat or drink anything on Sunday… he is getting his appetite back!

The number of miracles God is working with Lucas is simply amazing. Breaking all the rules. Go Lucas go!

Here are pictures of my boys sleeping from this morning.



4 thoughts on “Hospital Update #2

  1. Jill: I love the pictures!! So precious. Thank you for sharing. Hugs and prayers always, Marian

    Marian. Sent from my iPad


  2. Our hearts are over flowing with love and joy as we see our son and grandson sleeping in such peace. It makes us see the peace of our Heavenly Father and how an earthly father should be with his son, always there for him during the times when he needs him the most. Thank you Jill for giving us the joy through this picture.

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