We’re Home

Lucas was released from the hospital on Tuesday evening. With every passing day, his breathing is getting better and his cough is subsiding. He’s almost completely back to our  normal busy toddler. Just a bit more sleepy. Thank you for all the prayers & support!

Upon being released, Dr. Saloman (the lead doctor at Phoenix Children’s Hospital) kept telling his fellow doctors how impressed he was that Lucas is such a happy and smiling toddler even after 26 surgeries. He was amazed at Lucas’ positive disposition and overall health. Very nice compliment.

Melissa, the respiratory specialist who delivered our home CPT vest, was in awe of Lucas’ weight and playful personality. She works with numerous children who have severe tracheomalacia. Melissa said Lucas sounded and looked great! In fact, Lucas was in the best condition out of all the tracheomalacia toddlers she’s seen in her career! Wow!!! Lucas truly is our miracle baby.

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