Next Trip to Boston

Lucas is confirmed for his next surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital on July 17. We are somewhat dreading but yet eager for the day to arrive. We love having normal family time in AZ. But every time we are informed of a new surgery date, it is almost like we have a time clock that is counting down for the trip to start. We have high hopes after the July surgery is completed that Dr. Manfredi will tell us Lucas’ esophagus is looking so good that we don’t need to return to Boston for many months. Heck, Dr. Manfredi hinted we could possibly have a year break after this next surgery. I don’t want to get too eager or ahead of ourselves. In the end, all that matters is we once again have a successful surgery.

Lucas’ medical journey is truly a story of miracles being granted by the Lord. We hope everyone who reads this blog can see how the Lord’s healing hand is always on Lucas.

Here are some pics of Lucas and his constant smile. 🙂



ESPN Video

Can you spot Lucas on the ESPN video??? At 2 years old, Lucas already has made two appearances on ESPN! This was from our Red Sox “Meet & Greet” event back in the beginning of May. Big thanks again to Mike Napoli for inviting Lucas (and his parents) to be a member of Mike’s Bearded Bunch! Click the link below to watch.

Click here to watch Lucas on ESPN – Working Together