Hugs & Kisses

After seeing Lucas’ cough get worse & worse, and barely eat anything for 3 days, we decided to start Lucas on Azithromycin (antibiotic) on Saturday afternoon. Our pulmonalogist said she would normally start a child with his symptoms on Azithromycin. But wanted us to hold off on giving Lucas the antibiotic until he started to have a fever or was really getting worse. Since Lucas had such terrible c diff in the past, our doctors want us to avoid antibiotics which could cause Lucas’ c diff to return. Yesterday afternoon Lucas had a low grade fever so we finally caved & started the antibiotic. The great news is today Lucas is coughing significantly less & eating fairly well. Hip hip hooray!

As Lucas is on the mend, he keeps asking Bryan & me for a “big hug”. Of course he ends each big hug with many kisses. It is so darn cute that even though Lucas could get us sick, we just can’t say no to his kisses. Lucas is so adorable & sweet.

Lucas finishing a chest percussion therapy (CPT) to loosen up his chest secretions.


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