26th Surgery on Thursday

Please pray for Lucas to have another successful esophagus surgery on Thursday at Boston Children’s Hospital. This will be Lucas’ 26th surgery.

This time, Gigi (my Mom/Gayle) will be with us. Yippee! Our plan is to do some outdoor or touristy things on Saturday and Sunday. Currently we’re on the waiting list for complimentary Red Sox tickets. Not holding me breath. No matter what, we’ll be laughing & having fun.

Boston, here we come!

4 thoughts on “26th Surgery on Thursday

  1. You will all be in my prayers….. Has anyone explained to Lucas that he is not a native Bostonian!!!! 😀. Have a feeling Lucus will be looking into Havard, BU, or BC in the future

  2. Jill
    You don,t know me, but I have met Bob Cox a number of times at golf in upstate NY. My prayers have been with you and Lucas for quite awhile. Great to hear he is making progress. May God continue to bless your family.
    Jim Farley

    • Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers & following Lucas’ medical journey! BTW – Bob always talks fondly about his upstate NY golf buddies. I’ll make sure Bob knows you sent us such a sweet supportive message. 🙂

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