Another Successful Dilation

Dr. Manfredi was “very pleased” today with how Lucas’ esophagus looked. It’s always totally awesome when Dr. Manfredi uses the phrase “very pleased.” Today was no exception.

Lucas’ top stricture looked “a lot better than last time.” He said that he almost decided to just leave it alone, but then went ahead and did some work on the  shelf of scar tissue that we’ve been battling for a while now anyway. However, he didn’t need to do as much work as in May.

The lower stricture still looks great, and again, didn’t need any work at all. So awesome!

The best news is that Dr. Manfredi thinks we might be able to go all the way until January before doing a contrast study locally in Phoenix! In other words, this very well could be Lucas’ longest break between surgeries ever! It will also mark the first time in his life that his age in months will be greater than his number of surgeries. A silly milestone, I know, but one I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

Today is another huge bunch of answered prayers for our little miracle. So thankful that Lucas keeps defying the odds.

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