Still resting comfortably

Lucas is doing well post-op. He is still resting comfortably in mom’s arms and hasn’t yet needed any narcotics or even oxygen. This is pretty rare for him. If his pain is under control when he wakes up, and he is willing to drink some fluids, we may not even have to spend the night in the hospital.





5 thoughts on “Still resting comfortably

  1. We are thanking our Heavenly Father for His grace in,once again, answering our prayers and watching over our precious “Miracle Baby.” We will be excited to give him hugs and kisses on Sunday night. Love you always, PaPa and Nani

  2. So glad to see the improvement in your beautiful boy. God bless you greatly as you continue to see you Lucas grow and improve.

  3. Glorious news for all of you. This is exciting news. Can’t wait to hear more good news. God bless all of you.

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