Admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital

I’m not even sure where to start. The last 48 hours have been filled with highs and lows.

On Thursday, Lucas was discharged after surgery because he was doing so well. Then, on Friday, at 2pm Lucas started to have a light/infrequent cough. By 6:30pm, his cough became more frequent & he threw up lightly while eating a small piece of chicken nugget. At 7:30pm, we spoke with the on call surgeon who recommended we try to get Lucas to sleep in his own bed over the night then come to BCH to get an x-ray performed on Saturday to ensure he didn’t have a leak from the dilation.  By 10pm, Lucas was moaning from pain, coughing frequently, had a light fever, making throw up noises, had a hoarse voice, and couldn’t fall asleep. At 12am, we threw in the towel and headed to BCH’s emergency room.

We were impressed with how quickly BCH moved Lucas along from being admitted (we didn’t even sit in the ER waiting room for a second), to an ER room, to an actual room on the pulmonary floor.

On a positive note, Lucas’ x-ray showed no leak in his esophagus! On a negative note, it took 3 IV teams, 7 needle pokes, & 2 hours to finally get Lucas’ IV in around 3:30am. Since there was originally a fear of a leak, we weren’t allowed to give Lucas any water or food. With a fever and no water, Lucas became dehydrated. So, even when Lucas was crying, no tears were coming out. Poor baby boy.

While we were sitting in the ER room, we said many prayers. The one prayer we never expected to say was asking for the Lord to please ensure Lucas had a virus. The alternative, an esophageal leak, also matched his symptoms and is critically serious. So instead, we we prayed for the doctors to diagnose a virus. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be praying for a virus. Crazy!

Currently, the doctors think Lucas has “Atelectasis” which is a complete or partially collapsed lung due to the way his lungs may not have fully reinflated after anesthesia. Plus, he “may” have an undiagnosed airway disease which makes it difficult for him to fully refill his lungs after anesthesia.

At this point we have no idea when Lucas will get well enough for us to be released or even to fly home. We plan on taking it hour by hour and would prefer to stay at BCH until Lucas is doing extremely well. Our flight home is scheduled for Sunday at 6pm. I doubt we’ll make that flight.

8 thoughts on “Admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital

  1. oh my goodness — the Lord watches over him so!!! I will submit a prayer request for church tomorrow at all masses and also to be taken to Europe in a few weeks when our priest does his pilgrmage

    Love to you and Bryan and your sweet little Lucas who is so very brave — breath Jill, you are such a good momma and God will watch over you all!! >

    • Thank you for going above & beyond with the prayer requests! The Lord blessed us immensely by ensuring Lucas didn’t have a leak…Thanks for being such a dear friend!

  2. Prayers and hugs being sent for all… Lucas is a strong boy and one of Gods miracles, he will pull through… Be strong & keep the faith

  3. You are certainly being tested here. Know that God has Lucas in His hands and will hold him there (with you, Bryan, and Gayle) . You have faced many trials and you are all strong enough to succeed in bringing Lucas through with the aid of the medical staff. Prayers continue for all of you. God Bless.

    • Thanks Janice & David. Through every turn, we know the Lord is guiding our amazing journey. So happy my Mom is with us to help!

  4. prayers for you and your family always I know the Lord is watching over you him and those that are caring for him. I will continue to pray Lisa Spurlock

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